Hello there, and welcome to my project!

If you came to this page, then that must mean that, like me, you have an interest in zodiacs, mythology and all other awesome stuff connected to these subjects. So, I hear you say; "What is this project about?" Well my friend, grab a drink, a snack, sit back and allow me to explain:

Ever since I was little, I always had an interest in the zodiac. Secretly reading horoscopes in magazines and the like, and taking their words with a grain of salt but somehow, like most people, I always had this little voice in the back of my mind saying "What if it is true?"

Throughout the years while growing up, I sometimes studied the zodiacs and the facts and myths behind them and learned a lot of interesting things about them. The outer space has also always sparked my imagination and the fact that in the past, people managed to predict various things, like seasons, weather, time and more based on the stars, made astronomy very interesting to me.

Finally in 2015, I started the Zodiac Dreams project. I wanted to create a series of artworks that featured animals and mythological creatures from the zodiac. Not just the western zodiac but the chinese zodiac as well. These artworks will become a number of various items such as prints, postcards, bookmarks, charms, keychains, stickers, magnets and of course...the artbook. The artbook will not only include the artworks but also feature information on each zodiac sign. Aside from sharing my artworks of the zodiacs in the book, I thought that it would also be fun to share with you the things I learned myself about each sign. Therefore the information that will be included in this book will not just explain the typical things of each zodiac such as characteristics, dates, etc. but will also include small historical facts and mythologies behind each sign.

Below you can see sample photo's of the artwork, artbook and rewards that will be available for my kickstarter:

The front and back of the artbook. The book will be a hardcover book with 56 pages in full colour.
Some samples of the artwork and interior of the book. These are prototypes so there might be some small changes.
Various cute stickers of your favourite zodiac that will be available as a reward

I will also have prints and postcards available of all the zodiacs as a rewards for the kickstarter project

And there will also be original artworks from the book itself, and commissions available during the kickstarter.

The kickstarter will launch on march 27, 2017. Are you interested in the project and would like to join me in this kickstarter adventure? Then please subscribe to my mailing list, and you will be notified when the kickstarter will launch and important updates ( and no, rest assured, I will not spam your inbox with tons of mails)
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