The artist behind Dreamchaserart...


So you are curious about the person behind the art hm? Well, you have come to the right place!

As you can tell by the logo on the top of my website, my name is Marlon Teunissen,

also known as dreamchaserart and sometimes as bluemonika. I am an illustrator living in the south of the Netherlands who also happends to be a big dog lover ( but I love all animals in general).

I am an artist with a main focus in character design, concept art, and illustration, but I am always interested in other forms of art like graphic design, web design, comic art, etc. I enjoy working with colors and trying out different techniques to create images that express character and mood and am always looking around for inspiration.


I love doing my own projects as well wich are usually games, artbooks, mershandising and comics. Some of them have been published and licensed at various professional publishing houses and companies.


When I am not drawing, I am playing videogames, working in the garden, listening to music and I love doing research and reading about mysterious things in the world.


I have also worked on numerous freelance commission projects for various client such as:


Clients: Quantuum Magic, Forever Interactive, Ladies Fightclub, Aniway Magazine, Leuvsion, Sential Recordings, Asian Newspaper, Sakura Games, YAP Films, Innercity Blues, Focus Kind Medien, Eridani games, publishing house Zilverspoor, publishing house Macc, Punt welzijn, Boomartdepartment, Publishing house Delubas, Artvlam,


Publications: Aniway Magazine, Imagine FX, P@per, Stripschap, Stamp Magazine, Asian Newspaper, MangaQuake, Brabant Strip Magazine, Strips2go, Dark dragon Books.


For a detailed list of what I have done in the past, see my:





These are companies were my art has been licensed so far.

If you are interested in licensing my art for your products,

feel free to contact me.

                                     Various mershandise, made by me.

                                    Skins for laptops, iphones and more.

                                   Gifts from Zazzle

                                    Post and greetingcards from Kaartje2go (Dutch)



Marlon Teunissen
Nederweert, the Netherlands

K.v.K: 55013635