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5-11-2014: From today onward you will be able to find my original artwork available for purchase here on my site. Just click the "shop" button to find them or visit the "traditional" gallery section in the gallery button to see what I have available.

5-11-2014: Until December 26th, you can still purchase tubes from my artwork at Creative Design Outlet. After this date They will no longer be available on the site anymore.

20-09-2014  My new artbook "Monochromia" is now available for pre order until the 11th of oktober! after that, regular orders will be available. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, you can send me an email at dreamchaserart@gmail.com or purchase your copy in my etsy store: HERE The book costs 12.50 euro's (prices in my store also include a part of the shipping cost)


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Tsunacon, rotterdam ( the Netherlands) 15 Oktober 2015



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