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17-08-2014: the E-book version of  "The passage of Pearl" by Lynn E. O'Connacht, for wich I also did the cover artwork for is now available at Amazon. You can also see the cover in my bookcover gallery.

17-08-2014: Eridani games has now finally released the game "Edolie" for wich I also did artwork for. You can purchase it now at Amaranth games for the PC

09-08-2014: Maarten Hofman's latest book " The Beatitude of Suvita" is now available at Amazon. It features my art work on the cover and in some of the interior pages. You can find the book HERE along with his other books that I also did the artworks for





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Limited edition artworks event 21th Oktober 2014


FACTS convention Gent ( Belgium) 18th & 19th October 2014

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