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20-09-2014  My new artbook "Monochromia" is now available for pre order until the 11th of oktober! after that, regular orders will be available. If you are interested in purchasing a copy of my book, you can send me an email at dreamchaserart@gmail.com or purchase your copy in my etsy store: HERE The book costs 12.50 euro's (prices in my store also include a part of the shipping cost)

17-08-2014: the E-book version of  "The passage of Pearl" by Lynn E. O'Connacht, for wich I also did the cover artwork for is now available at Amazon. You can also see the cover in my bookcover gallery.

17-08-2014: Eridani games has now finally released the game "Edolie" for wich I also did artwork for. You can purchase it now at Amaranth games for the PC






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Limited edition artworks event 21th Oktober 2014


FACTS convention Gent ( Belgium) 18th & 19th October 2014

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